Did you know this about the fruit wine industry?

The Modern Fruit Wine Industry

The market size for fruit wines or “country wines” (meaning: wine other than grape wine) is difficult to determine since the products are not categorized in a separate distinct group.

However, since most fruit wines are sweet, they are usually bundled up in the dessert wine category. As a rule of thumb, the sweet wine market is roughly estimated to be 2% of the total wine market or the equivalent of 450 million litters per year. In the USA, approximately 180 million litters or 7.5% of total import shipment in 2004 were dessert wine.

Who is now drinking fruit wine?
  • Young – 80% under 40
  • 50% male, 50% female
  • College educated
  • Not stuck in tradition
  • Interested in variety
  • Looks for locally crafted products
  • Less status oriented
Export Markets
  • Export potential – in Asia, a wine is a wine, it doesn’t always matter what fruit it is made from
  • Quality fruit wines in India, China, Korea sold in supermarkets, 3-5* hotels and restaurants
  • Fruit wine already part of some Asian cultures of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan
  • Asians tend to have a sweeter tooth – attracted to fruit.
Why are they drinking it?
  • Refreshing, prefer fresh, fruit forward styles
  • Easy to drink, often slightly sweeter
  • Pairs well with ethnic and more exotic food
  • Short term loyalty to style and brand
  • Want increased quality/natural perception
  • More health conscious (perception and fact)