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Over the last decade, Wine Planet has been busy running numerous wine production and exportation projects with more than 100 clients, wineries and wine importers/distributors in Canada, USA, the UK, Italy, Spain, Chile, Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan as well as India.
Through WinePlanet, Wine Planet Team and producers have won hundreds of awards and medals in national and international winemaking competitions. This has included the best dessert wine in Canada in 2007, best wine in B.C. in 2008, various best of show awards in fruit wine, desert wine and Cider categories , plus best fruit wine in Canada in 2010, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Best Cider in Atlantic Canada in 2018 and 2019 plus many other distinctive awards, both nationally and internationally since then.
Our team has been engaged in R&D projects for the government of Alberta and New Brunswick and has perfected numerous dessert wine production techniques including iced fruit wine cryo-extraction, specializes in cider, fruit wine, dessert wine and ice wine production

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As consultant we work diligently to provide a comprehensive service that will create significant value to the client by way of experience, passion and availability. We are handling the project management and administrative requirements of delivering the consulting services from the Canadian and Indian offices of WinePlanet Consulting, to provide timely and responsive customer service.

Did you know

This about the fruit wine industry?
The Modern Fruit Wine Industry

The market size for fruit wines or “country wines” (meaning: wine other than grape wine) is difficult to determine since the products are not categorized in a separate distinct group.

Who is now drinking fruit wine?
  • Young – 80% under 40
  • 50% male, 50% female
  • College educated
  • Not stuck in tradition
  • Interested in variety
Export Markets
  • Export potential – in Asia, a wine is a wine, it doesn’t always matter what fruit it is made from
  • Quality fruit wines in India, China, Korea sold in supermarkets, 3-5* hotels and restaurants
Why are they drinking it?
  • Refreshing, prefer fresh, fruit forward styles
  • Easy to drink, often slightly sweeter
  • Pairs well with ethnic and more exotic food

Consulting Services

Build strategies, build confidence, build your business.
WinePlanet team will be available on a regular basis as needed on site, via phone or conference call for all aspects of consultation with winery construction staff, engineers, etc. for the design and building of the winery.
Our team will guide and suggest our clients about all type of equipment selection as per the requirement of production capacity.
Guidance to apply required NOC’s and government approval and required documents to get start with production license
Consulting on what and how can client develop different wine products as per market demand and current ongoing trend in alcohol industry.
Raw material selection guideline to help client make production very effective way with out loosing quality and international standard.
Training on basic production and wine analyses to assistant wine maker will be provided by Wine Planet team member
Basic and advance training with wine making with winery day to day operations training to ground staff and supervisors.
WinePlanet team will train onsite staff about how to maintain wine quality with proper sanitisation and do list in a daily production line.
Wine Planet team is doing guidance and boost on new production development with different styles of wine and other related products to our clients.
Creating quality product is the supreme target of wine planet team. Wine Planet has fully end to end production to bottling training program for clients as per their requirements.
Ready to rumble 24/7 for problem wines Wine Planet having most experiences team in this industry to work for clients with problem wines with proper market plans.
We need ground staff report as accurate as possible to guide off site clients, we will assure by giving proper training to local wine makers for laboratory and sensory reports.
The business plan that evolves from the facilitation provided by the Consultant will be realistic, attainable and match the values and long term goals of the owners.
The Consulting team will strive to constantly provide added value by keeping the Client informed of relevant industry developments, business opportunities and research in wine market
Wine Planet providing consultation services on these area as per client requirement to as per our best knowledge of global market research on fruit wine. Our team is also equipped with various aspects of this industry to guide

More than 24 years experience

Wine Planet is providing consulting services globally on Fruit Wine, Cider & Mead industry since 1995.
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